Why It Works

The playing field is not going to level itself.

We are taking charge ourselves.

Greene Scholars give up a Saturday every month to take on a challenging STEM curriculum outside of  school.

It's not for everyone, but hard work pays off.


of GSP Senior scholars over the last 3 years met UC/CSU college-readiness requirements, exceeding the 55% CA state average for all students.


of Greene Scholars graduate from high school, and go on to college, adding valuable contributions to a global workforce.


of African American students in Santa Clara and Alameda counties graduated in 2017 with UC/CSU college-readiness requirements.


Monthly hands-on sessions in STEM build confidence and competence.  Annual GSP science fairs, and high school focus on college prep and the application process  ensures the best college options, regardless of intended major.


4000 volunteer hours each year.  Parents invest in our GSP scholar community to run all functions of our program.  We cultivate a community of support for success, inside and outside of the classroom.

Cohort Experience

GSP retains over 85% of its scholars in the program, typically starting in 3rd or 4th grade and graduating in 12th grade with GSP scholarships to pursue higher education.